What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Offer

Each semester the Faculty Center offers a number of services to enhance teaching, support faculty research and facilitate faculty growth in becoming engaged university citizens.

Some of these include, but are not limited to, mid-semester student focus groups, information sessions, workshops, semester long mentoring matchups, lunch with the Provost, and private consultations.

Information Sessions

The Faculty Center offers various information sessions for faculty throughout the year.

Mid-Semester Focus

The MSF on teaching and learning is a mid-semester evaluation technique that provides instructors with rich and meaningful feedback from their students regarding the learning environment in a course. The process is entirely voluntary and data confidential.

Student Evaluations

The online "Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness" is available last 5 weeks of the semester in Banner. Instructors must submit a request for their students to have access. Accommodations can be requested for special situations such as team teaching and short courses.


All faculty can request a consultation with our staff regarding any topic that may be of concern. Also, we are happy to read drafts of any recontracting materials that you would like us to!

Lunch with the Provost

Our Provost, Tony Lowman, hosts an informal faculty/professional staff lunch.


The Faculty Center facilitates mentoring programs for tenure-track faculty.