Adjunct Resources

Adjunct Resources

Resources for Adjuncts

These resources were favorites from our "Adjunct Thursday" posts on our Facebook page:

(Note: this page is a work in progress)

Becoming a Better Teacher for New or Not so New Faculty - from Faculty Focus

Copyright Essentials for Educators - "This teaching guide explains the three exemptions provided educators under U.S. copyright law—Title 17 of the United States Code. These three exemptions spell out the conditions under which copyright-protected materials may be used in U.S. accredited nonprofit educational institutions without seeking the express consent of the owner."

Increasing Student Participation - Cornell University addresses these 4 questions: 1) What conditions motivate students to engage in learning? 2) What is the course instructor's role in increasing student participation? 3) What can you do to increase student motivation to participate? 4) How can you increase student participation when classes are getting larger?

Lesson Closure: Sticking the Landing - the importance of closure at the end of class and suggestions.

Tips for Faculty Teaching for the First Time - from the Teaching Center at Washington University in St. Louis

What to do when students complain about grades