Faculty Online Teaching

Faculty Online Teaching

Faculty Online Teaching Course

The Faculty Online Teaching (FOT) course sponsored by the Faculty Center and Rowan Online is a totally online 8-week course in Canvas, which gives participants the experience of being an online student while exploring the pedagogy of online teaching and the teaching tools available in Canvas. Most of the course is asynchronous with group work that has synchronous components and requires an average of 5-6 hours a week. The course is offered in the fall, spring and summer. A generic syllabus for the course is available here.

The FOT course is offered to all official Rowan University employees and affiliates, including adjunct faculty and professional staff. A refundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of registration for any Rowan University employee. The deposit may be paid by the enrollee or by any University department or division that is sponsoring the enrollee. The deposit is fully refunded to the payer upon the enrollee’s successful completion of the course. In the event that an enrollee does not complete the course, the deposit will not be refunded. At the discretion of the FCETL and/or Rowan Online, the deposit may be refunded based on the presence of extenuating circumstances or it may be re-applied to a future enrollment.

The course is available to non-Rowan participants for a non-refundable fee of $250.

Those completing the course with a "B" or better will receive a certificate.

Previous participants (see list below) have been a mix from no online experience to numerous years and from adjunct to full time to professional staff. Everyone who has completed the course has been really glad they took the course and immediately applied what they were learning to both online and face-to-face classes.

If you are interested taking the course or have questions, please contact Carla Sbrana at sbrana@rowan.edu.

Past Participants

Comments from Participants:

Gregory Biren, Health & Exercise Science (Spring 2015) - "I really learned a lot from this experience and I wish I had taken it prior to teaching my first online course.”

Charles McGlynn, Geography & Environment (Spring 2015) - "This course was well thought and out worth effort, I learned a great deal and I hope that my F2F and online classes will both benefit from this learning experience."

Bonny Chezik, Writing Arts (Summer 2015) - "The most important concept that I am taking away from this course is that I CAN and WANT to do an online writing course because it can be dynamic, personal, and rich!"

Leslie Spencer, Health & Exercise Science (Summer 2015) - "The biggest surprise to me is that I am now considering how to make my F2F courses more like my online courses because I am so impressed with the quality of what can be achieved online. I never thought I would say this. Up until now, I have been striving to replicate F2F in the online format, but I no longer believe that F2F is the better way to teach.”

Joshua Fetterman, Psychology (Fall 2015) - “I really enjoyed my experience in this class, it felt very social, and feel like I learned a lot. Most importantly, I feel like I got over my fear of teaching an online class.”

Suzanne Koegler, Interdisciplinary & Inclusive Education (Fall 2015) - “Online teaching and learning is a lot more than I originally thought. Some of the concepts that I am taking away from this course are techniques and methods. It is very important to start an online course with developing a community and to be a faculty member who is present during the course.”

Dana Harrison, English (Spring 2016) - "The most surprising thing for me has been how powerful and versatile online learning can be.”

Alisha Nypaver, Music (Spring 2016) - "I learned so many things in this course - practical, useful things that I have already started to use to improve my teaching and new, interesting things from hearing other's perspectives. However, the most important thing I have learned in this course is what it feels like to be an online student in the year 2016."

Fran Burke, Law & Justice (Summer 2016) - "I am now convinced that over the past 8 weeks I have been armed with valuable knowledge and additional skills to enhance either my F-2-F or online classes. The experience has definitely kicked my teaching up a few notches!"

Mike Venuto, Civil Engineering (Summer 2016)- "The most surprising thing that I learned was the importance collaborative learning. I think online learning requires more of a commitment to collaborative learning on the part of the instructor and student."