Adjunct Services & Resources

* Getting Started for Rowan Adjuncts

A special resource created with questions to ask and links to information and resources needed by adjuncts. (If we missed something, please contact us at

AFT Agreement for Adjuncts

The following Faculty Center services and resources are available to adjunct faculty:

  • Mid Semester Focusa consultant come to your class to see your students feel is working/not working about the class in the middle of the semester, when there is still time to revise; completely confidential & voluntary; may help improve end-of-semester teaching evaluations. 

  • Faculty Online Teaching course (FOT): join other Rowan professors in taking an online course to sharpen your skills in teaching online and/or hybrid courses.

  • Lending Library: on topics such as: Assessment, Faculty Development, Teaching & Learning, Publication, Rowan Seminar/First Year Experience and Service Learning, Inclusiveness in the classroom 

  • Faculty Center Facebook Page

    - Daily topics: Management Mondays, Teaching Tip Tuesdays, Web Wednesdays, Adjunct Thursdays, and Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI) Fridays

    - Articles from Faculty Focus & other valuable academic resources

    - Public page (don't need to be a FB member, but better if you follow/like so we know what you want to see more of)

  • Rowan Teaching Connection (RTC) [formerly RILED]: focus on teaching pedagogy; organize 2 Rowan Teaching conferences per year as well as other workshops and guest speakers


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Specific Adjunct Resources

This is a list of helpful resources specific to adjuncts


Suggestions for integrating technology into your courses