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Resident Resources

Resident Resources and Information

Network Access Issue & Information

This flyer outlines a potential issue that students may experience with logging their computer back onto the Rowan University network.  Students may get denied access by Clearpass and the information provided in this flyer will help explain what is happening and how to fix it.

Click here to view this flyer for more information.

Maintenance & Repairs 

Submit a RowanWorks repair request by clicking herePlease note, work orders for cable, ethernet issues, or WIFI should be emailed to, not submitted through RowanWorks.



Laundry service across campus is provided by Caldwell and Gregory. Each wash/dry load costs $1.25. Depending on the building, each machine utilizes either quarters, Rowan Bucks, or Credit / Debit Card for ease of payment.

For service requests related to laundry machines, please visit Caldwell and Gregory's website here to submit a service request, or call 1-800-927-9274 at any time.

Currently, Edgewood Park Apartments and Willow Hall do not have laundry facilities in the complex.  Students in these buildings typically use the large laundry room located in the Student Center.

The following buildings accept Rowan Bucks for laundry:

  • Chestnut Hall
  • Student Center
  • Townhouses
  • Triad Apartments

The following buildings only accept quarters, credit or debit:

  • Evergreen Hall
  • Holly Pointe Commons
  • Magnolia Hall
  • Mimosa Hall
  • Mullica Hall
  • Rowan Boulevard Apartments
  • Whitney Center


Cable TV 

How to connect your television

You will need the following:

  • Cable ready television with a QAM tuner
  • Manufacturer's instructions for the television
  • A 3-10 foot coaxial cable
Step 1
Find the cable television connection in your room. It will be in a white or stainless steel faceplate. There may be old, inactive cable jacks in the room too. Please don't try to use them.
Step 2
Connect one side of your coaxial cable to the connection on the wall.
Step 3
Connect the other side of the coaxial cable to the back of your television.
Step 4
  • Turn your television on.

  • Enter the television menu using the menu button on your remote.

  • In the settings, set it for "cable" rather than "antenna" or "terrestrial."

  • Check to see if there is a setting for digital vs. analog. If there is, make sure it is set to digital. (This setting may also be called QAM).

  • Once this is done, have your TV automatically scan for channels.

NOTE: If you do not know how to accomplish any of these steps, please refer to your owner's manual. If you do not have one, check the model number of your TV (usually located on a sticker in the back) and find the appropriate manual.

Streaming TV

Rowan University has partnered with Apogee to provide their revolutionary new streaming TV service, Stream2, on campus. With Stream2, students will be able to watch their favorite entertainment programming on almost any mobile device or set-top box, including Rowan Television Network and Rowan Events Channel.

Setting up your account:

  1. On-campus residents can register for an account with their Rowan email address at
  2. Download the Stream2 App to your devices:
    1. iPhone app
    2. iPad app
    3. Android app (also works with Android TV devices)
    4. Amazon Fire TV/Stick app
  3. Log in to the Stream2 App with the account you registered in Step 1.
  4. Windows or Mac (Firefox, IE, and Safari are supported):
    1. Windows Instructions:
    2. Mac Instructions:

Internet - The University’s secure wireless network, RowanSecure, utilizes ClearPass for security.

This system ensures that all computers and devices that try to connect to the University network meet minimum security requirements before they are granted access. This applies to all computers connecting to the University network, even if you have registered your system in the past. For more information and detailed instructions for connecting computers, mobile devices, game consoles and entertainment devices to the network, please visit the Information, Resource and Technology Department's ClearPass registration page.

Mail & Packages 

Please follow this link for additional information and policies of the CENTRAL MAILROOM located on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center.

Holly Pointe Commons and Rowan Boulevard - mail is delivered to your assigned mailbox, located in your building. Packages are delivered to the mailroom located on the ground floor of your building and can be retreived with your Rowan ID once you have received notification that a package was delivered. Sample mailing addresses for your building are included below. Whitney Center packages will be delivered to the Central Mailroom located in the Student Center

Holly Pointe Commons   Rowan Boulevard   Whitney Center  
Name         Name         Name        
Box _____   100 Redmond Ave  300 Rowan Boulevard       
15 Carpenter St.    Apartment #____   Apartment #____
Glassboro, NJ 08028   Glassboro, NJ 08028     Glassboro, NJ 08028

Townhouse Apartment Complex - mail is delivered to your mailbox, located in the foyer of the Townhouse Community Center. Packages are delivered to the central campus mailroom, located on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center and can be retreived using your Rowan ID. Below is a sample mailing address for your complex.

290 Mullica Hill Road
Apt # _____
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Edgewood Park Apartments - mail and packages are delivered to the mailboxes located between buildings 300 and 400. Packages are placed in parcel boxes, which are separate from your apartment's mailbox. The postal employee delivering your package will leave you a key to the parcel box in your mailbox. Below is a sample mailing address for your complex.

Edgewood Park Apts. #____
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Triad Apartments, Evergreen, Mullica, Chestnut, Magnolia, Willow, Mimosa, Oak and Laurel Halls - mail is delivered to the central mailroom on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center. Mail and packages can be retrieved with your Rowan ID. 

To obtain box number, go to
Click on “Personal Information”
View Addresses and Phone
Information Listed under “Student Center Box Address”

International House - mail and packages are sent directly to the house. Below is a sample mailing address for this location. 

126 State St.
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Meal Plans

All students who live in a residence hall are required to purchase a meal plan. Students who live in the apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan. For more details regarding meal plans please click here.

Health & Safety Inspections

Residential Learning and University Housing staff complete Health and Fire Safety Inspections each semester to ensure compliance with NJ State Fire Code and the standards set forth in Rowan University policies. Prohibited items have been designated as such based on a number of criteria, all leading to the end result of keeping you, your neighbors and our facilities safe and free of potential fire hazards. For a list of items that are prohibited in the residence halls and apartment complexes, please visit the Student Housing Policies page. A list of prohibited items is also published to students in advance of the inspections occuring. Below is some more information about the process itself and possible consequences should students have prohibited items in their living space. 

The Process:

  • RLUH staff members will conduct inspections in teams of two.
  • You do not need to be present for the inspection but if you would like to and are not available within the timeframe listed, please contact your RA or RD to schedule an appointment.
  • Staff will knock, knock again, then announce themselves while keying in.
  • At no time will staff open your drawers or furniture. They are completing a visual inspection to look for violations of the NJ State Fire Code or prohibited items as described in the Rowan University Handbook.

What happens if the staff finds a prohibited item/unsafe condition that violates policy?

  • If a prohibited item is found, please note that the RLUH staff will confiscate the item if possible. For items that are prohibited but are larger than physically possible to remove at the time of the inspection the RLUH staff will work with you to have that item removed as soon as possible.
  • In some situations there is not a particular item that is prohibited, but a violation of the NJ State Fire Code could be present due to the way a room is arranged, items could be placed too close to a sprinkler head, a means of egress from a room may not be present, unsanitary conditions, etc. Staff will document that this condition exists and notify students of what is required to rectify this situation.
  • Any room or apartment that is found in violation of NJ State Fire Code or Rowan University’s policies will be documented and notified of the details by letter to your Rowan University e-mail. A $25.00 fine will be placed on the accounts of any students who are responsible for the violation.     

Rowan Card

Your Rowan ID Card serves multiple purposes. It identifies you as a Rowan student, your meal plan and Rowan Bucks are spent using it, and in some locations on campus you utilize it for access to your residence hall or apartment. For questions related to the Rowan Card, please visit the Office of Rowan Card Services here.


All students in traditional residence halls that wish to utilize a microfridge must rent or purchase their unit through the university approved vendor, which is Campus Specialties Inc. You can contact them to place an order, or submit a service request for a current unit by calling 1-800-525-7307 or visiting their website at

For Fall 2018 Early Move In Residents, orders for Microfridges received and processed by Friday, August 3rd should be delivered by August 8th. For residents arriving on the main move-in weekend (Aug 31 - Sept 3), orders received and processed by Monday August 20th should be delivered prior to your arrival to campus.

Lock Outs, Lost Keys & Lock Changes

If you find that you have locked yourself out of your residence hall or apartment, you can visit the Residential Learning and University Housing Office during regular business hours to sign out a temporary, loaner key and/or access card. The loaner key will need to be returned to our office in a timely manner to avoid a lock change being processed for your space so that it is available should you ever need it again. Temporary access cards also need to be returned to our office as they are costly to replace.

If you believe that you have lost your key we recommend that you retrace your steps as best as possible. Locations on campus that you can inquire about lost and found items are: the REC Center, Chamberlain Student Center Information Desk, Public Safety, and the Residential Learning and University Housing Office (RLUH). You can also visit the RLUH office to sign out your temporary loaner key while you work to retrace your steps. If you cannot locate your key within a timely manner, you will need to have a lock change processed for your room. If you have actually lost your key, this presents a security risk for you and any roommates you may have, so we encourage you to report lost keys quickly. The cost of lock changes are listed below. Charges for lock changes or replace access cards are applied to your student account, and can be paid through the Bursar's Office. 

Residence Hall Single Room $50.00   Triad 3 Bedroom Unit $115.00
Residence Hall Double Room $52.00   Whitney 1 Bedroom Unit $50.00
Residence Hall Triple Room $53.00   Whitney 2 Bedroom Unit $52.00
Edgewood Park Apartments $52.00   Whitney 3 Bedroom Unit $53.00
Triad 1 Resident Studio $50.00   Whitney 4 Bedroom Unit $55.00
Triad 2 Resident Studio $52.00   Townhouse 4 Bedroom Unit $218.00
Triad 1 Bedroom Unit $68.00   Townhouse 6 Bedroom Unit $260.00
Triad 2 Bedroom Unit $92.00