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Triple Rooms

Triple Rooms - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tripled room?
  • A tripled room is a standard room where furniture has been added to accommodate a third roommate.  In a triple, each student will have their own bed, desk with chair, and a dresser. Each bedroom has two wardrobes and one MicroFridge that the three roommates share.

What does a triple room look like compared to a double room?

  • To see a what a triple room looks like, please see the brief video below:


Why does the University triple rooms?

  • The University provides triple rooms in order to assure that all freshmen have a place in University housing. Due to increased enrollment in recent years, demand for housing has grown and exceeded the available space in standard double rooms. Most students at Rowan University who have lived in triple rooms have found them to very workable and have had a positive overall experience.
How many students will be tripled?
  • We estimate that about 10% of freshmen who live on campus will be tripled during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Is the cost of a triple the same as a double?

  • The cost of a triple is reduced significantly. Students in a triple room receive a $1,000 credit off their bill each semester that the room remains occupied by three people. In addition, students receive $200 in Rowan Bucks which can be spent at dining venues on or off-campus or at the University Bookstore. A free MicroFridge is also included in each triple room.

How are students assigned to a triple?

  • Students who volunteer to triple are assigned into tripled rooms first based on the need to accommodate all freshmen (this means you might not be assigned to a triple even if you volunteer). After volunteers for triples have been assigned, the University assigns students to triple rooms based on the housing application date and other factors until enough students have been tripled to house all freshmen who have applied.

How are students detripled?

  • Students are detripled if one roommate moves out of the (this may be due to a room change, withdrawal or other reason). At that point, the open space is assignable to another new occupant for the remainder of the semester. At the end of the fall semester, the room may be designated as a double for the spring semester if there is not enough demand to keep the room as a triple. If a room is converted to a double for the spring semester, the normal price structure for the double room will be applicable and will be reflected on the student’s bill.

How does the University determine which rooms to triple?

  • Most triples will be at Holly Pointe Commons. That building was designed to accommodate triples and have plenty of space for three people and the necessary furniture.
  • There are several factors that are considered, including space and fire code requirements. Not all rooms can be tripled due to the configuration of fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. All of our tripled rooms meet fire code regulations and furniture is arranged appropriately to ensure that exit pathways, sprinkler heads and smoke detectors will not be obstructed in an emergency.

How will I fit all my belongings?

  • We encourage students in tripled rooms to bring only important and essential items to their room on move in day and leave other items at home. For example, at move in, bring clothes for warm weather, and transitional fall weather, but leave heavy winter clothes at home. This provides an opportunity to see how things fit, and then roommates can see how much room is left for them to bring additional items from home.
  • We also encourage roommates to communicate ahead of move-in to make decisions about items they may share, such as a TV.
  • Students find lots of creative ways to organize their rooms, such as utilizing hanging closet organizers, or using organizers that slide under the bed.

Where can I go to study or have some alone time?

  • There are lounges in every building that students may utilize to take some time for themselves and to study.
  • We also find that the library, computer labs, and other academic spaces provide students with quiet study areas where they can complete homework, projects, and study for important tests.
How would this living situation impact my grades?
  • Research has shown that tripled students’ grade point averages are not significantly different from other students in residence halls. Studies also show that being tripled does not affect students' adjustment to college life and that tripled students are as likely as others to participate in student organizations and to report satisfaction with their academic and social experiences.

How long will I be in my tripled room?

  • Due to the increased enrollment of the incoming freshmen class, there will be limited space for students to be detripled into. If assigned to a triple room, most students will remain tripled throughout their first year at Rowan University.

Given the demand for housing, is more housing being built?

  • In response to recent growth, Rowan University has aggressively added additional residence capacity, the most dramatic example was the addition of Holly Pointe Commons in 2016. The University is also continuing the process of building new housing which will become available in future years. While new housing for first year students is being developed, some incoming freshmen students at Rowan are tripled in order to accommodate them on campus and allow them the opportunity to attend Rowan and enjoy all of the benefits the University has to offer.