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Winter Housing

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2019-2020 Winter Housing Request Form

Residence Halls

All traditional campus residence halls (non-apartment style housing) are officially closed for winter break, beginning on Thursday December 19. However, we understand that some students may need to remain on campus for a variety of reasons. By completing this form you are requesting to remain in your housing assignment for the duration of the winter break.


Please note that even though apartment complexes (Nexus Properties, Triad, Rowan Blvd., Whitney, EPA, International House, and the Townhouses) do not close for the winter break, all students who live in those complexes and plan on staying for the break, must complete this form too. Students without a Spring 2020 contract will not be approved for winter break housing. 


Requests from students who reside in traditional campus residence halls will be reviewed by the Residential Learning and University Housing Office.  Students who are approved to remain on campus will receive an email from RLUH with more information regarding winter break housing. Please submit this request form for review by December 13, 2019.


Pre-approved winter athletes and International students assigned to traditional residence halls will be permitted to remain in their buildings, however they should still fill out this application.  All winter athletes will be sent an email confirmation that they are noted as a winter athlete, per the Athletic Office’s official roster, and therefore are permitted to remain in residence over winter break.  International students, will be sent a similar email once the International Center sends their roster to RLUH.  This notification to both groups will go out prior to Thanksgiving.  If you return from Thanksgiving and have not received a confirmation email from us and believe you fall into one of these categories, please email


If approved, you will retain your room key and/or door access will remain active on your Rowan ID. Please note that no campus dining services are available during the break period. Certain building services, such as maintenance to common area restrooms and lounge spaces will be reduced. Also, building RA staffing for the duration of the winter break will be decreased. Students that remain on campus should also be cognizant that various facilities and housekeeping focused projects may be taking place within their residence halls.


(How to apply – for our website)

To complete the Winter Break Housing Application:

    • Log on to
    • Click on “MyHousing” under the student tab
    • Select “Winter Break Housing Request Form” (Winter 2020) from the drop down menu under “Housing Applications & Forms”
    • Read the Winter Break Housing information, sign electronically and click “continue”
    • Fill out the 3 questions in the application. 
      • Select “Yes” for question #1, the applicable reason for needing to be on campus for question #2, and provide a detail rationale in question #3
    • Students will receive a confirmation email once the application is successfully completed